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We are a Trade School for Professional Careers such as Process Serving, Notary Public and all aspects of the Title Industry just to mention a few. 

  • Are you looking to become a licensed NYC DCA Process Server? Our courses will give you the skills, knowledge and resources to help you pass the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs’ Process Server Individual Licensing Exam.  

  • Additional courses; including Practice Tests for the NYS Notary Exam.

  • Please feel free to take advantage of these exceptional resources!


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Process Server
Notary Public
Private Investigator

Our self-paced courses are designed with you in mind!  We respect your commitment to continued learning, and want to support and provide you with our courses; where you are in control of your time,  You can start them, stop and go attend to life then come back and continue right where you left off.

Life is so hectic, learning should not add to the stress, that is why our courses are designed to allow you to enjoy learning at your pace.

We are here for you and our incredible instructors will provide you with all the support needed for passing the courses!

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Our Guarantee!

If somehow, you are unsuccessful in your attempt at taking the licensing exam, The Training Institute, LLC will work with you and provide you guidance and suggestions as well as tailor your study efforts to focus on questions that pose a challenge for you. Our goal is for you to pass and that is what we aim to do by providing you with additional information and strategies, if needed. We are committed to supporting you to achieve your licensing goals.

Private Investigator

Interested in being a Private Investigator, then see our course by clicking here.

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